On the stage

AyleshamChoirAylesham Ladies Choir will perform at the 2018 festival. The choir has been an integral part of the local community in Aylesham for many years. Here is some information about it:

The choir meet on Tuesday evenings from 7.15pm at the Aylesham Community Project Hall and are delighted to welcome new members to join them. Singing in a group is enjoyable, therapeutic and sociable and there is no requirement for prospective members to have had any previous musical experience or to go through an audition. – just come along!
During the latter part of 2017 the choir were delighted to welcome their new Musical Director, Lizzi Stephens.
Lizzi is a self-taught musician with over 30 years’ experience working with various bands in different musical genres. She independently runs open access, weekly choirs around Kent and occasionally holds singing workshops. Being a member of the Natural Voice Network she believes in making singing fun and inclusive for all abilities.
The choir is therefore in the process of developing a rather more eclectic repertoire than in past years, to suit all abilities, and are delighted to have been invited to take part in the 2018 Kent Miner’s Festival. They are very happy to perform in concerts and local events, where appropriate, although performing is optional for members.
For further information, please contact: Secretary, Ginny Davis, 07516 957 767, email: