• Music galoreOur wonderful colliery brass bands plus many other styles of music
  • EntertainmentLots of local talent to entertain you
  • Festival Dog ShowA fun show open to anyone. Click to download the entry form
  • Stalls and SideshowsArt, crafts and local heritage exhibitions will be on show
  • Arena DemonstrationsThe amazing stunt bikes are back plus much more
Music galore1 Entertainment2 Festival Dog Show3 Stalls and Sideshows4 Arena Demonstrations5

The organizing of this years festival is well under way and all is going well.  Our best wishes go to John Baldwin and wish him a speedy recovery.

We always try to put something different on each year and this one will have a WW1 theme to commemorate its centenary. The part our Miners played during the war is often forgotten. Many were refused to leave the industry to fight in the war because keeping up with coal production was very important to the war effort and even more dangerous during this period. Some miners did join up and were used to dig tunnels under the enemy lines and place explosives to blow up the enemy, again a very dangerous job.

Illustration from Neil Demarco's The Great War

Last year’s Kent Miners Festival was a phenomenal success and a special one in many ways. Commemorating the Centenary of Coaling at Tilmanstone Colliery, made it special for ex- Tilmanstone Miners and their families. Being so successful made it special for its organisers and for those that attended it. The weather, the smiles, the atmosphere and even the odd shedding of tears, meant it was a special day for our Communities.




Thanking everyone gets harder every year, there are so many local people, groups, funders, business’s, that have stepped up over the years, that it has made me realize now, it is not about individuals, it’s not even about groups, it’s all about our local communities coming together and saying, this is what we want, this is important and this is us. This is our Community Spirit, we want preserve it and we want to share it with everyone. 




Kent Mining Heritage was in real danger of disappearing all together. Our communities have been here for over 100 yrs. and it must be preserved. When men and families, from all quarters of our country, came to this corner of Kent to find work, they were shunned and ostracized. Turning to their own kind, they developed a community spirit and way of life that affected everyone, in the Towns and Villages in this area, over the years that followed. Schools and churches were built, housing, rail and road structure were developed, sports and social activities was enhanced and even mining medical centres, first aid teams and a rescue station became a vital part of  community life.


This Kent Miners Festival gives these Communities and their Heritage, a platform to survive, to join together and to show everyone, we are still here and we still want to share our Community Spirit.                                                                                 KMF27                                                                                                 

I am pleased to announce that next year’s festival is already being organised for the same venue on August Bank Holiday Monday 2014.

 However, that could well be the last one. Funding this year’s event was the hardest ever and cuts had to be made, we have started funding applications for next year but if reserves have to be used, then that will be the end.  We need a main sponsor or several smaller sponsors to secure its future and we need it now. We have much to offer sponsors, full media coverage all year round and massive coverage on the day. All local papers, with live radio coverage and even TV, cover this Free community event. Our website and other social media get worldwide coverage, with huge followings.

Given the opportunity, the Kent Miners Festival will grow and grow and any sponsor getting on board now, can grow with us. KMF 17


If you would like to sponsor the future of the Kent Miners Festival?

                          Please contact me on 07800545135 or email kentminersfestival@sky.com

I would like to thank all of my committee, all of my funders, all of my volunteers and all of my community for all their hard work and support, in making this year’s festival a very special one for me.

Gary Cox Chairman KMF



Kent Miners Festival







Kent Miners’ Festival 2013 Raffle Results
3247 – £100 cash
958 – Family Pass Canterbury Cathedral
335 – P&O Day Trip Car + 9
3287 – Beauty Voucher Denise Caldwell Hairdressers
2766 – Beauty Voucher Corinne’s Hair Fashions
1260 – Meal Voucher The Eythorne Crown Inn
2801 – Meal Voucher Cullin’s Yard, Dover
2603 – Freedom Leisure Pass
1527 – Freedom Leisure Pass
598 – Barrow of Drinks Tilmanstone Welfare Social, Cricket & Bowls Clubs
542 – Meal Voucher Golden Kitchen Chinese Takeaway Elvington

Contact Gary Email kentminersfestival@sky.com or Mobile 07800545135